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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-1970 British Cohort Study: Age 10, Sweep 3, 1980-
-1970 British Cohort Study: Age 16, Sweep 4, 1986-
-Attitudes of Parents of Primary School Children : National Survey of Parents of Primary School Children, 1964-
-Cognitive and Affective Outcomes of Differing Teaching Styles, 1972-1974-
-Culturally Disadvantaged Children, 1968-1980; Follow-Up at Three Ages-
-Educational Priority Areas Project, 1969; Survey of Nursery and Primary Schools-
-Effective Classroom Practice: a Mixed Method Study of Influences and Outcomes, 2006-2007-
-First Two Years of Science Education in Manchester Secondary Schools, 1977-1979-
-Millennium Cohort Study: Age 11, Sweep 5, 2012-
-Millennium Cohort Study: Age 14, Sweep 6, 2015-
-Millennium Cohort Study: Linked Education Administrative Dataset (KS1), Wales: Secure Access-
-National Child Development Study: Age 23, Sweep 4, 1981, and Public Examination Results, 1978-
-National Child Development Study: Childhood Data from Birth to Age 16, Sweeps 0-3, 1958-1974-
-Primary Assessment Curriculum and Experience I, 1990-1992-
-Primary Assessment Curriculum and Experience II, 1993-1994-
-Primary Assessment Curriculum and Experience III, 1995-1996-
-Research into Children's Reading Habits at 10-15, 1971-
-School Characteristics and Educational Achievement : the Plowden Follow-Up Study, 1967-1968-
-Some Correlates of Academic Performance of Pupils in Secondary Schools; School Variables 1969-1971-
-Streaming Longitudinal Study; Pupils, 1964-